CoronaVirus Report+

We are offering an ongoing, updated report that helps people get the information they need fast

I’m “curating” / compiling a pdf, regarding the current situation.
It’s a collection of resources and information pulled together based on categories. Each category will have links (and a short description) of what people will find when they click the link.

Categories like:

  • general details on the virus
  • remote working
  • remote working tools
  • email tools to better communicate
  • event alternatives and bringing events online
  • info for things kids can do at home
  • kids games
  • kids education (while at home)
  • free films to watch
  • mental health
  • isolation kit
  • how to keep in touch on and offline
  • new social protocols

We will be updating and adding to the report as we find new tools and resources. If you’d like to make suggestions on resources please leave a comment below.